TWYN – You Say (feat. Austin Paul) (2018)

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Good evening.

All the time I am happy and perceive everything as an endless adventure. But sometimes I am thinking about my life from another perspective (and this is very useful to refresh my thoughts and make them much more sober)…right now I am listening to this track and my inner HDD giving me some screenshots from the past. Sad pictures unfortunately, but without past there’s no future.

You may aske me: Buddy, what are you talking about? Okay, I’ll try to explain :)
This track (its harmony, melody, vocal and mood) remind me some feelingsfrom the past. Maybe one of the worst feelings in my life, but I know – what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. Anyway, these memories is pleasant to some extent. Because this is the part of my life.

Incredibly good track! I think it will play in my headphones for a weeks or longer :)