J.J. Leone — Silver Lining (2018)

Good afternoon!

This is saturday and my mood now is – chilling :) Actually, weekend is the only time to feel that. And if you have tha good music in your “pocket”, you can be much more relaxed than wihout it, I think so.

I have one little ritual before I leave home — to find music that perfectly fit my current mood. No matter where…hypemachine, soundcloud, bandcamp, google music or something else. I just stay in my room until this function succesfully done.

This song is perfect fit for my current mood, so I already saved a few minutes of my time :) I know, that I just will turn on “repeat” mode on my phone and go out. Without that long searching process.

Have a nice saturday.

J.J. Leonepop / soul music artist from Norwich, England.

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