Sasha Boole — Devil Got Too Much Business (Ievgeniy Kozlov remix 2014)


Check out awesome remix from my mate! This is a remix of outstanding musician Sasha Boole

Sasha Boolefolk / american folk / singer songwriteris a music artist from Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

Sasha Boole – one of the brightest performers of the Ukrainian folk scene (not that one that trousers and Kobza, but one that whiskey, story-telling and trippin), playing guitar, banjo, stomp-box and harp. His music based on traditions of American folk singers, combined with the typical gothic Americana raw and rough sound. In last year Sasha played more than 100 shows in Ukraine, Belorussia and Moldova. Now he is touring in Ukraine with his second album “Survival Folk” followed by shows in Poland, Slovakia, Germany and France during his Survival Folk Euro Tour.

Ievgeniy Kozlovelectronica / electronic / deep-house / nu-disco is a musician from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

Born in Czech Republic, Ievgeniy Kozlov grew up influenced by cinematic landscapes of Prague. In 2002 began his DJ career in Ukraine, moving forward to a new level by writing and producing his own music, while consolidating his own sound and a notorious name within the finest electronica music industry related sophisticated Electronica style, driving classy deep-house built by subtle but solid techno beats to downtempo, idm, indie, trip-hop and lounge rhythms. Ievgeniy Kozlov has had the opportunity to remix electronic music producers including Jeff Bennett and Lukasz Napora.

By the way, he’s a top notch keyboard player in a progressive rock band called Maut. You can listen their music here MAUT

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