Lustmord — The Word As Power (2013)

Finally I here and I writing about greatest dark ambient artist in the world — Brian Williams aka Lustmord (UK).

I will not write much today. I think, if you want, you will find all information about Lustmord on Wikipedia or somwhere else. I just want to describe my feelings.

Lustmord is a genius of dark ambient. Music that he made seeps deep into my mind, directly in subconscious and animates something primal. I like that feeling, when goosebumps, when I feels like I am somewhere between life and death and gravity is turned off personally by God.

All of his works is a masterpiece of world music. Now from my speakers sounds “The Word As Power” and once again I am convinced, that he is a genius.

Listen to the album and stay tuned.

Lustmord - The Word As Power artwork Lustmord on the web:
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